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August 5, 2018

Cat Claw Knot for Donut Pendants

You have a nice donut bead/stone and want to wear it as a pendant but do not know how to present it better?
Today I will show how to make a Cat Claw Knot . 
 The lenght of the cord you will need to cut depends of the size of the donut/bead you have and the thickness of the cord you use. This knot can be made with any type of cord or thread that is flexible enough to be folded - leather, hemp or other fiber cords.

If the object you are tying the knot on has a front or back, decide which side you like best.
Turn the donut so the back side is facing you.
1) Fold the cord in half. Pull the folded loop through the donut  hole as shown.
2) Slip the cord ends through the loop. Pull the ends. Make sure that cords are not crossing.
Turn over the stone so the top of the loop is facing you now, like on the photo below. Now, you will hold your donut this way, front side facing you:
 3) Take one cord end (right on the picture) and pass it to the right, back through the loop. Leave a small loop on top, big enough to fit a cord. Make sure all cords are parallel as shown:
 4) Repeat the same step with the left cord end. You knot has to look like this:
5) Pick up the right cord end and pass it through the left loop as shown:
 6) Pull the cord. Notice, the cord is crossing the horizontal cord on the top of the stone:
 7) Pick up the left cord end and pass it through the right loop as shown:
 8) Tighten the cords:
The result will look different with different cords. I like the leather cord better, but this is my personal choice :)