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September 20, 2011

Black Handbag

Did I tell you  that I used to knit a lot? Yes, when I lived in Russia, I was crazy about knitting. I made  all kinds of sweaters/jackets/vests for my mom, dad, brother, myself, my friends.... 
Now, living in hot Arizona with no snow, I do not need warm sweaters...
The other day, I found a black mohair cardigan in my closet. I knitted it in Russia and since then it has never been worn here. 
Well, I unraveled the cardigan and made a knitted casual bag (I was thinking about knitting a bag for a fortnight, and now my dream had to come true :)). 

September 14, 2011

DIY Tutorial: Wrapped Ring

The other day my friend asked me to make a ring. I made it. And I made a DIY tutorial for it too:) I knew you would love it, right?

Tools and Materials: 
  • 20ga round dead soft wire – 2 ft
  • 10 mm bead – 1
  • Ring mandrel
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Liver of sulfur (optional)