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February 20, 2011

Tutorial: Wire Business Card Holder

 Having a home product party or going to art show to sell your stuff ? Show off your business information in your style.You will need only 40cm (16") of heavy gauge wire and a couple of pliers :)
Are you ready to make it all by yourself?

Note: 1"= 2.5cm

Straighten and then cut the 14ga round dead soft wire. You may use 16ga half hard wire as well. Measure and mark the wire in 2”, 2”, 2”, 1”, 2”, 1”, 2”, 2”, and 2” as shown
Find the center 2” section and bend the wire at 90 degree angle at one of the marks. Slide the beads on the 2” section (optional).
second 90 degree bend, so both wire ends are parallel and have “П” shape.

Using round nose pliers, holding at 1” mark, bend the wire on an angle 30° as shown (you don’t need to be precise).
Repeat step 4 with another wire end. Make sure that the wires run parallel.

At the next 2” mark, make 45 degree bend (again, you don’t need to be precise), so the wire has Z-shape. Make sure that all three segments of “Z” lie in the same plane.

Repeat this Step 6 another wire. Make sure both “Z”s are symmetrical and lie in parallel planes.
Make 90° bends towards the outside, so the “Z” and the right angles lie in perpendicular planes. Well, I hope it is not toо much geometry for you :)
Using round nose and flat nose pliers make spirals from 2”  “left-over” wire ends.
Adjust the wire(s) if necessary. Place your business cards in your new card holder.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Please do not distribute, lend or copy. Do not mass produce.

©2011. Albina Manning

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  1. Wow great information about business card holder. I think its very important for a company or organization.

  2. What a great idea, and tutorial!

  3. Fabulous idea..will it work with a work hardened 18g wire??

  4. This is great. Just made my first practice one. Thanks for the good instuctions. To Divya- that should hold pretty well.

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