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May 4, 2016

Pencil holder

My daughter has a lot of pencils, markers and other school stuff. They are everywhere. So, we decided that we can make something nice to keep her supplies organized and neat :)
I made this one, large and wide holder for all the markers, brushes, scissors, and pencils...
 I used ...
* a large container from ... cottage cheese :)
* ribbon - 2.5" wide
* glue gun
Cut off the upper edge.
With a glue gun, attach the ribbon. The top ribbon is attached to the inside of the jar, so the edge looks nice :)
Since the bottom part is a little smaller than the top, I glued only the upper part of the ribbon.

May 1, 2016

Painting Terra-Cotta pot

In this DIY art project, I show you how to create an eye-catching painted Terra-cotta pot that even your kids can help you with.
Tape the pot with painter’s/ masking tape. We used thin 0.125" for the first pot. Trim off the excess tape with scissors.
 With a paintbrush, paint over the tape to create your diamond pattern. Don’t use too much paint, cover the the first layer and apply the second after drying. My daughter even used old nail polish for some diamonds :) .
 Remove the tape, touch up any imperfections and enjoy!