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March 20, 2011

Tutorial: Simple Beaded Flower

Today I want to show how to make simple beaded flower. You can use it for decorating hair clip or barrette, or for your beaded cactus.
You will need:
Seed beads #11 of your favorite colors
Crystal bead, 6mm
Craft wire, 28ga
Wire cutters
Glue gun with glue sticks(for barrette)
To make one marigold flower, cut the wire into three 1-yard pieces. Each flower has three rows: lower red, middle orange and upper yellow.
Step 1.String 18 red beads and center them on the 1-yard wire. Pass the wire end through the first bead and slightly tighten. Now, you made one petal.

Step 2.Take next 18 red beads and place them so that the first bead is close to the first petal. Pass the wire end through the first bead and slightly tighten.
Step 3.Repeat Step 2 five more times, so you have seven petals.
Step 4. Twist the wire ends 3-4 times.You can notice a small hole in the middle of new little flower

Step 5. Make an orange row in the same manner using 13 beads for one petal (no photo for this step :)). 
Step 6. For upper row slide 10 yellow beads for each petal. Twist the wire ends 3-4 times.
Step 7. Lift one wire end above the yellow flower (upper row) and slide a 6mm crystal bead.
Step 8. Place the bead in the middle of the yellow flower so the wire goes on opposite side. Twist the wire ends 2-3 times.
Step 9. Assembling the marigold flower.
Insert the wire ends of yellow flower into a hole of orange flower. Now, insert four wire ends from yellow and orange flowers into red flower’s hole.

Step 10. Pull the wire ends so all three layers sit tightly. Twist all six wire ends 3-4 times and then mid-split the wire ends. 
Step 11. Using a glue gun, quickly put small amount of hot “glue” over the place where the flower should be. Place the first flower on hot dot and press with your finger. Notice, the wire ends are parted.
Step 12.Turn over the hair pin and connect the wire ends together twisting them. Trim the wire tails leaving 1/8” “stubs”.
Step 13. Press the wire “stubs” down. Apply small amount of hot glue over wire “stubs.”  Using your well wetted finger, press on hot glue spreading glue evenly over the “stubs.” By that glue prevents hair from catching.
DO NOT use your dry finger - you may get burned!

You are done!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Please do not distribute, lend or copy. Do not mass produce.

©Albina Manning

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