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August 6, 2013

Lariats . Part 1.

Lariat necklaces are a great way to make a unique jewelry statement. A lariat necklace does not have a clasp or hook at the back of the neck like most necklace styles. Instead, you fasten a lariat necklace by tying a knot in the jewelry itself. There are several ways to tie a lariat necklace. You can choose from a variety of different knots, which each offer their own aesthetic. Lariat necklaces frequently have beads or tassels at the end.

Lariat necklaces tied with a simple knot in front are classic and elegant. Try this look with a formal black dress or dressy business suit. Place the necklace around your neck, with the ends draping across your chest. Place both strands of the necklace in one hand. Make a loop with both strands of the necklace. Pull the ends of the necklace through the loop to knot the necklace in front. The knot ends of the necklace should resemble the ends of a bolo tie.


Aventurine Jewelry Set: Necklace and Earrings

Yesterday I made this necklace. I really love this bright autumn colors.
The red aventurine gem chips are combined with mix of black seed beads, agate and crystal beads.
Total length is 19" (48cm).
Closure- silver button.
This necklace comes a pair of matching earrings with sterling silver ear wire.

Buy it here

August 4, 2013

Beaded Crocheted Necklaces.

July was a very productive month for me. I made 8 crocheted necklaces and several bracelets. Today, I finally get a chance to photograph all of them. First of all, I want to thank my friend Olena who taught me this technique. 
I bought a lot of  Matsuno Japanese seed beads, bead caps in FireMountainGems. I love those beads- they are perfect quality.

My first set is Orange Coral necklace. The tassel is removable, so if you want to wear just one rope for more casual look just slide it off!

Of course, I made a matching bracelet:)
 The next day after finishing this "carrot" set, I strung beads for the next project :)