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January 30, 2011

Beaded Flowers

Once, my Russian friend living in Japan sent me a beautiful, red beaded rose as a Christmas gift. I thought, "Is it possible to make something as lovely as Mother Nature creates? Probably not, but sometimes copies can be worth that of the original." That is when I fell in love with beads and wire.

 Tea Roses
If you want to make a French beaded brooch or just a flower, you can buy my step-by-step instructions  and you will be able to make this design with no difficulty.
This tutorial has two parts: French beading technique (5 pages) and Brooch itself (20 steps, 9 pages). $9 USD


If you do not feel like beading, I have this beautiful brooch made from silk Japanese beads, Swarovski crystals, and fresh water pearls. It is very shiny, so be ready that everybody will look at your brooch first :)


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