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February 27, 2011

My Pets

I love animals, and I have five of them now.
Since I was a child,  we always had cats. So, I am a cat-person (mostly). I don't want to say I hate dogs- once  I had a puppy, Alsatian, and she was the smartest 'person'!
When I moved to the USA, my future husband had two cats, which was kind of unusual for me because  my family always had only 1 pet... Peter and Stripy- two sisters. Yes, Peter was a 'girl'. By the way, my husband's name is also Peter, his father was Peter, and his son is Peter - why not to call cat Peter, right?
Well, this is Peter the Cat
Unfortunately, Peter the Cat went away form us last fall.( I hope she found a good home).
I'll show Stripe - tabby cat. She is an old cat, about 10y.o. now.
She loves to sleep on me. I hope she is a medical cat :)
She is afraid to go outside, If by accident she leaves a house, in 13 seconds this cat runs back home. I was sure in Stripe and trusted her until... last summer, on August 1st, Stripe gave a birth to three kittens. The smallest was cute Masha.
1 day old Masha.
Masha  is our favorite pet now. We forgive her everything (or almost everything). Her favorite place to be is a ... bird's cage. 
Is she hunting or guarding?
Did I mention that I have two birds? Two zebra finches. Male Fima and female...just a bird without a name...
Fima at the left
If you are good in math, one pet left, right? It's Max, Betta fish. .
It's hard to take picture of him- he was hiding behind 'plants' or turned to me his unpresentable part :)

My friend Alla loves animals too. Only person who can see a character of the animal can show it.

I wonder if this cat is hunting or guarding the fish ?


  1. Wow! So many pets! Love that last glass cat! It looks super cute!

  2. Sweet!!!
    I like cats and also have fishes

  3. Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.