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July 21, 2011

OOAK Portrait

You know I host giveaways myself but never won any before. Not long ago, I won aт  unique giveaway hosted by Nadezhda (MamaTita). The prize was a custom portrait made in paper-cut technique. I could not decide what kind of portrait I want to order, and finally decided to order a portrait of my daughter. So, I emailed to Nadezhda this photo:
A couple weeks later, I got a carefully packaged large envelope from Latvia! I framed this masterpiece and hanged it!

There are plenty unique items in Nadezhda's shop, please visit it today to find out more about her creations!


  1. This is gorgeous! congratulations Albina on winning the giveaway, the portrait is wonderful!

  2. Wow! Nice portrait. :) Congrats!