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December 20, 2013

Candles Christmas Cards

It is not late to make a hand-made Christmas/New Year card with Svetlana's easy step-by-step tutorial.

First, lets make a candle. For one candle, you will need three to four  red paper stripes 5mm wide and 11" long. Using  a quilling tool, roll the stripe.

Glue the edge, so the spiral is about 15mm (5/8") in diameter.
Now, make a candle flame. Take an orange stripe and make a spiral as you made for a candle. Shape it into a bend teardrop, pinching the spiral from one side.

To make the fir-needle clusters, you will need 1/2" wide  and 11" long green paper stripes. Make cuts every 2mm on 3/4 of the stripe (see photo).
Roll the cut stripe into the tight spiral. Glue the edge.

 With your fingers , separate and spread the "needles"
Make as many fir-needle clusters as you need for your project.   
Arrange the clusters into a wreath or the pine-branch.Use 3-4 spirals for each candle.

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