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March 6, 2011

Lovely Brooches

Do you wear brooches? I am afraid that most of you would say "No".
You do not have to wear them only with "fancy" classic outfit at all. These lovely accessories can be good additions for your silk blouses, dresses, knitted sweaters, scarfs, and even coats! 
My first brooch was made with "cherry quartz" and Czech beads..
Brooches have the exclusive property to "update" not new clothes. This applies not only to the dress or blouse, but also to a hat and coat. Simply pay careful attention to the selection of brooches. Choose one that would complete not only a final note of your image and style, but your hair and makeup.
Flower of Snow Queen went to final in FMG contest.

These brooches are made for Artist Aid in Japan. All my proceeds will go to Japanese Red Cross:
You buy - I donate!

Although a brooch is usually made of metal and decorated with gemstones, my friend Yana uses different media to make her brooches! 

Isn't it beautiful? She has the step-by-step tutorial how to make this beautiful felted Poppy Flower.


  1. I wear brooches! I have a few unusual vintage rhinestone ones, and even one leather with swarovski crystals. They're so much fun :)

  2. Brooches are very beautiful!
    Thank you for featuring!