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March 25, 2011

Scarlet Floret

Do you like fairy-tales? I do!
Every night I read a fairy-tale to my daughter before she goes to bed. One of her favorite is a Russian tale by Sergey Aksakov "Scarlet  Floret". A scarlet floret - a gift which younger daughter Nastenka asked the father to bring from the distant countries. The father gets in a palace of the Monster where picks a flower, but he is threaten by mortal danger because of it. The daughter rescues the father, having removed a spell from the Monster.
I made my scarlet floret with shiny bright pink and red beads. 

Its size is big enough to be a centerpiece on a coffee table, by the fireplace, or on your window-sill!

This flower can be an excellent gift for teachers, colleagues, your boss, or yourself :)

You can buy this flower at my store 

Here you can look at this flower in 3-D , 360* view