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April 23, 2011

Happy Egg Hunt!

To be honest, I do not celebrate Easter (besides, I am not a Christian), but I color the eggs with my 6 year old daughter. It's kind of fun for her. Moreover, she likes the idea of the Egg Hunt.
When I was a child, every summer I spend 2-3 weeks in the summer camps, where our leaders (вожатый) made Treasure Hunt for us. It was fun! The idea is to find one treasure (usually it was a bag with candies and cookies). The leader gave us a note where we could find...another note ...After finding this note we knew  where was ...another note...and the next note...one more note...may be one more note...and the last note with location of the Treasure!
So, tomorrow is Easter, and Anya will go for Easter hunt in our house. I will hide 11 eggs (it's how many we dyed today) with a note on each egg:

I will give Anya a note where the first egg is hidden (it will be, for example, my bathroom). In my bathroom she will find egg#1 with a note "In dad's bathroom". She has to go there now to find an egg with "in Anya's closet" note, and etc.The last egg does not have to have a note (or, may be it can have "The Last Egg" note)
This game does not last long (well, it depends of the kid's age and how well the eggs are hidden).

But I know for sure, you and your child will have fun hunting!

Happy Easter (or Sunday at least)!


  1. What a great idea Albina! I bet Anya will have so much fun:) Happy egg hunting Anya;)

    Hugs:) Lorenda~ EnchantedAcresDesign

  2. what a great idea, it's going to be fun! happy egg hunting!