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June 2, 2011

Button into Ring

Yes, I know it sounds funny :)
Till recently I separated these two things. Buttons were for dresses, shirts, jackets, etc. Rings were just rings :)
Now , when I see a pretty button, I always think how I could  use it to make a...ring!
... I had this mother-of-pearl 4-hole button, resting lonely in my box. Why not to give you,  my little friend, a new life?

I love the idea of recycling. The next were  shell 2-hole buttons (plus extra buttons from daughters pants, that usually put in little plastic baggy). So,  Party Shell ring was ready !

I could not stop now! I made really cute ring with Swarovski crystal® button and sterling silver wire.
Perfect for party nights or casual outfit:

You can buy all these rings at my Etsy shop

If you want to make your own ring,  I have step-by-step tutorial, that shows how to make an elegant ring using any (even recycled!) 4-hole button. You can use this method to make a ring with 2-hole button(s) as well.
Only $2.50

A licensed copy of the lesson in the PDF format will be sent to your e-mail address usually within 24 hours from receiving your payment .


  1. So creative! I've never thought about using buttons for rings! Great idea!

  2. fantastic! You are a magic fairy!!! :)