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June 4, 2011

Pearl Jewelry

This month we celebrate the elegant luster of the pearl, June's birthstone.
Pearls are one of the earliest gemstones found by prehistoric man, most likely along the coastline of India. They've been used for personal adornment and coveted by peoples throughout the globe for thousands of years. Ancient myths tell of pearls being formed when oysters opened their shells, rose to the water's surface and were seeded by the early morning rays of sunlight and drops of dew.


Some healers use pearls to help balance body rhythms and hormone levels with lunar cycles, and to harmonize human beings with the natural world. The inner glow (orient) of pearls is thought to tap inner-wisdom and nurture love. Pearls are also believed to signify innocence and faith.

Protect your cultured freshwater pearls and other gemstones by knotting between beads. Knotting also adds length and drape, so you can use fewer beads and have greater movement between each.

  Pearls are soft and should be treated delicately. Never use ultrasonic cleaners or steamers. Wipe gently with a soft cloth after each wearing or, for more thorough cleanings, use mild soap and water. If knotted, make sure cord is completely dry before wearing.

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PS. First two photos made by IrinaN


  1. Lovely! Especially white and black earrings!

  2. Fantastic! Perfect for the weddings!

  3. I love pearl! Great jewelries :) Especially the last one :)

  4. Thank you, ladies, for all your comments!

  5. I love the movement you achieved in the first pair of earrings. Beautiful work on them all, though. I learned some new things about pearls.