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April 25, 2012

Case for Knitting Needles

You know I love to knit. I do not knit as much as I make jewelry. My jewelry tools are more or less organized. Every tool has it's own place, but not my knitting tools. They can be in the cup with pencils, in the box with yarn, or somewhere else. I needed to organize them too! And I did!
I spent all day doing this important job. My husband was not allowed to disturb me. Dinner was cooked by him as well ... OK, at least he started it :))
Did I mention I made two cases? To make the first one, I use my hubby's jeans (his price for dinner) and piece of colorful fabric with butterflies. I bought that fabric years and years ago to sew something good for my daughter, but I did not. I killed It took a half day, probably, to finish this first case. It has 28(!) pockets where you can put long and short items (needles, crochet hooks, scissors,  brushes, rulers, etc)
This case can be folded or rolled-up
Look at this wrapped baby :)
My second case was made much faster :) Practice makes perfect timing, right?
This case has a flap on the top and 22 pockets - 1 1/4", 2 1/4", and 3" width
Easy to roll or fold to secure any size collection 
I have a little leftover of butterfly fabric. Probably, I will make another, short case, just for crochet hooks and short needles. I need to do it soon, or I will forget ... as usual.....


  1. типа круто и все такое ))))

  2. You're so talented, they look lovely! I couldn't do that even if I had a sewing machine. So nice :)