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April 23, 2012

Playing with Polymer Clay Again

Last weekend, I bought 'Premo' polymer clay because it was on sale at Michael's- for only $0.99. Well, I needed to make something with it. My 7 y.o. daughter helped me rolling clay in my pasta machine. Conditioning clay, to be exact.
To make long story shorter, I will show you my results. OK, not every single item ( I made 7 pairs of earrings, 3 pendants, and dozens of buttons.)
This pendant reminds my Picasso's art. Don't you think? My daughter sees olives, ham , fried eggs and peacock feathers. Hm-m-m... Did I feed her?

I made a matching pair of earrings for the Picasso Pendant. BTW, all Picasso Jewelry glows in the dark!

 Next, Hidden Flowers Pendant and Earrings. You can see flower silhouettes...and, if you are attentive, you can see a lady bug :)
 Even my pendants and earrings are big, they are lightweight. They have been sanded and have two coats of glaze for a shine and durability.

When you make something with polymer clay, you always have leftovers. Some of them really pretty. So, why not to make  cute buttons out of them? They will upgrade any piece of garment or bag, they are great for scrap-booking and knitting/crocheting projects.
This set of 5 double-sided buttons is  a "cousin" of Hidden Flowers Jewelry set. Can you see bees on one of the button?
 These buttons remind me gray cold marble.
Simply striped buttons :)
These easy buttons are made using my tutorial
And the last but not least- set of three "Picasso" Buttons !
Okey, that's all for now :) Thank you for looking. Your comments are  highly appreciated.

P.S. All jewelry is available at Around Beads, all buttons - at Supersupplies4u