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May 20, 2011

When trees were big

Did I tell you that first I was "floral" wire-worker making beaded flowers and trees? My first bead work was money tree. 
I do not know exactly how many trees I made :) I made them for my friends, for my customers, and even for contests. My work Bonsai Shakkan has been used by Fire Mountain Gems both as a back cover advertisement and inside their catalog.
Photo from FMG catalog

People were asking mу about pattern for this bonsai. Fortunately, I had step-by-step photos and sketches and it was easy to put all together. Plus, I added instruction for Savanna Tree as a variation for this technique.

I decided to put all my written directions in one 58 page instructional e-book how to create 11 beaded trees using wire with beads and/or gem chips. You can then use the basic techniques to create larger and different beaded wire trees.


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  1. I really want to buy this e-book but though I click on the button I am unable to purchase. Can you contact me to discuss alternative purchase methods?

    Carol LaForce Amweg